Survival Plugged

What Do I Do First?

Playing survival plugged is just like normal survival during early game. Starting out in survival plugged consists of checking off the following:

  • Speak to the teleporter and go to a random location

  • Get wood

  • Get cobblestone

  • Craft tools

  • Progress up to IRON TOOLS

  • Build or purchase a home and use /sethome <name> to save its location for you to use later with /home <name>

  • Claim your land for protection using the /land menu or the claim tool

  • Purchase guns and ammo which can be found at the spawn market or within the shops menu using /menu

Mid Game

Mid game is where our unique custom plugins come into play. During mid game you will use your guns and other resources to check off the following:

  • Build and claim a weed farm

  • Acquire a sellers license in the farming menu using /menu

  • Use this farming menu for all weed related sales and purchasing, which is how you will make money in mid game

  • Venture out to find unique new items, get better gear, and level up

Late Game

Late game is where you will risk it all to start a criminal enterprise. The point of late game is to be the richest, most powerful, and avoid being caught by the server police. You can check off many things in late game, all of them are optional, and some require purchasing a rank. You can check off any or all of the following items:

  • Explore the dark web using /menu, this is where most illegal items can be purchased and sold

  • Find and explore the sewers and sewer city, this is where all other illegal items not found on the dark web are purchased and sold

  • Build and claim an Opium Poppy farm

  • Build and claim a Cocaine Plant farm

  • Acquire a dark web account and begin selling your harvested drugs, which is the easiest way to make money in the late game

  • Expand your property in order to prevent other players from raiding your home if they declare war

  • Consider purchasing a rank which gives access to tons of cool and convenient features that normal players don't have

End Game

End game is only available to players who choose to purchase a rank and consists mostly of leaderboard chasing. End game players will be ranked based on their net worth, and the size of their criminal enterprise. The top players will be rewarded each month, as well as having their name displayed on the scoreboards at spawn. This part of the server is still in development and therefore mostly still secret.