Getting Started

Network Lobby

After joining the server you will be placed into the main lobby with two items:

Server Selector

Right clicking with the server selector in hand will result in this GUI opening:

For now only Survival Plugged is available, this server selector will change as different servers are added to the Network.

Cosmetics Menu

Right clicking with the cosmetics chest in hand will result in this GUI opening, with the following sub-menus:

Pets: Different entities that follow the player around
Gadgets: Different items that have fun right click effects in lobbies
Particles: Different particle effects for the player
Animated Hats: Different animated hats the player can use
Emotes: Emoticons that can be used to express how you are feeling
Banners: Different banner designs to place on your head
Cloaks: Large particle effects (can cause lag for slow computers)
Miniatures: Minifigures that float behind you as you walk
Hats: Different entities a player can bind to their head
Suits: Different armour sets that effect the players appearance

After spawning into Survival Plugged you will be greeted by the following NPCs:

Teleporter: Executes /rtp go for the player
Menu: Executes /menu for the player

Right clicking on the Teleporter will result in immediate execution of random teleport, so only interact with him if you are ready to leave spawn.